ADILE Final multiplier event in Poland

The Polish multiplier event took place at the John Paul II University in Krakow last 24th of January.

Two main sessions were organized and facilitated by our Polish partner SEDA:

  • Session 1: introduction to the  ADILE project. The staff showcased the three project results and delivered a live demo of the ADILE Platform. After the overview of the project results, the floor was taken by Mr Arkadiusz Tomasik,  representative of the Brother Albert Foundation in Krakow that participated in the ADILE Pilot action. Mr Arkadiusz shared his very positive experience with the ADILE online platform and overall methodology.
  • Session 2 : discussion with participants (people active in the field of social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities-PID, professors from various universities) on some key topics, such as  the management of social services for PID, the potential of new technologies in the support processes of PID, technology as support in the psychological rehabilitation of PID.

More than 50 people attended the event, and the same number also attended the offline meeting. The whole event took place in a very good atmosphere, everyone was connected to the topic of the meeting, also for everyone the topic was interesting. The ADILE project was very well received by the audience.