ADILE Final multiplier event in Italy

The event, held on 19 December 2023, was totally dedicated to the dissemination of the results of the ADILE project, over the course of an entire afternoon and evening.

The event was organised by Cooperativa Controvento, the invitation was extended to all other organisations part of the network, parents and caregivers of PWID that can first benefit from the results of the project.

The event started with an opening address to welcome participants and express the gratitude for their attendance. In the opening part of the multiplier event, Angelica Mavica presented the original idea from which the ADILE project was born, highlighting the needs and difficulties encountered by families and especially by PWID during the Covid period. A special focus was done on when and how the distance learning model implemented in that period by the cooperative could be transformed into a common model, shared and sharable by other organisations.

Then, a project overview was done and a brief background of the project was provided, as long as its goals and the context in which it operates. To highlight key milestones and the results we used slides in order to make information easily digestible especially concerning the ADILE platform, the element that aroused great interest and involvement from the participants, especially those who had never benefited from distance learning before or have never heard about Erasmus+ projects. We did a trial of how the platform can be accessed and what content is present, navigating live into the platform. I

In the final phase, the moderator of the event asked the participants to tell what they thought the follow-up to the ADILE project could be, and the answer that came up most often concerned the possibility of creating live training courses for people with intellectual disabilities especially for those families/ caregivers who cannot physically reach organisations working for and with PWIDs.