ADILE final multiplier event in Ireland

Yesterday I&F organized the Adile Multiplier Event in Wexford at the Talbot Hotel. There were participants and representatives of their organizations such as Day service organizations for people with intellectual disabilities. Support groups. An Arts center. A Communication hub and a college. A Library, a craft and makers center, a school for students with intellectual disabilities, a mental health association, a family and local resource center, and the National Learning Network (Ireland’s leading provider of specialist individualized education, training, and development opportunities). The event was a huge success. All attendees expressed a great interest and were very enthusiastic about the project and its results. Using a projector we showed everybody all about the project and how to navigate the website and the platform. We had both versions of the leaflets printed and everybody liked them and found all of the information provided very informative.  There were great conversations about how much a platform like this is needed and how beneficial it will be. Everybody likes the idea of being able to create their courses using the platform, and some people have some great ideas and plans of how to use it for their organization. Everyone enjoyed having the event at the Talbot Hotel and throughout the session we had some really interesting conversations and we answered any question they had in regards to the project and the results. Overall there was great feedback. We found the Multiplier Events worked really well and was highly effective.

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ADILE Final multiplier event in Poland

The Polish multiplier event took place at the John Paul II University in Krakow last 24th of January. Two main sessions were organized and facilitated by our Polish partner SEDA: Session 1: introduction to the  ADILE project. The staff showcased the three project results and delivered a live demo of the ADILE Platform. After the overview of the project results, the floor was taken by Mr Arkadiusz Tomasik,  representative of the Brother Albert Foundation in Krakow that participated in the ADILE Pilot action. Mr Arkadiusz shared his very positive experience with the ADILE online platform and overall methodology. Session 2 : discussion with participants (people active in the field of social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities-PID, professors from various universities) on some key topics, such as  the management of social services for PID, the potential of new technologies in the support processes of PID, technology as support in the psychological rehabilitation of PID. More than 50 people attended the event, and the same number also attended the offline meeting. The whole event took place in a very good atmosphere, everyone was connected to the topic of the meeting, also for everyone the topic was interesting. The ADILE project was very well received by the audience.

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ADILE Final multiplier event in Spain

The Spanish multiplier event was held by Impulsa Igualdad in Impact HUB Prosperidad in Madrid the 13rd of December of 2023.  Our Spanish partner invited people from different organizations in Madrid they collaborate with and students from different universities that have degrees related to the care of people with intellectual disabilities and with technology. Representatives from Plena Inclusion -the Federation of people with intellectual disability- attended the event. Impulsa Igualdad  presented the project objectives and showcased the project results. A session has been devoted to the ADILE learning platform  and its live demo. 

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