ADILE Pilot Action in Poland

In Radwanowice, at the Brother Albert Foundation, we tested the ADILE platform, which was created for people with intellectual disabilities. We gathered a group of 10 people for this purpose, to whom we presented the project and its assumptions and then the developed modules with exercises. The testing process was different for each participant, as they were at a different level of knowledge and had different learning capabilities. Some went through all the modules very quickly, even in one session, while others had to meet several times and absorb the information calmly and with increased concentration. In the end, each participant completed each of the four modules.

Everyone was very satisfied and agreed that the project was well prepared and much needed.

The testing of the platform was extremely important and through it we were able to come up with a number of conclusions and analyses. One observation was the language, which for this target group needed to be further simplified and sentences broken down into shorter ones. Next, the number of pictures and graphics proved to be too small, as the participants really liked it when something was illustrated and caught their attention. Most of the participants had no problems using the computers and tablets, while a few needed help, which the educators provided.